New York’s Test Results

The Story

The standardized state test results for New York City’s third- and eighth-graders send a mixed message regarding city public schools. The test format has changed from last year, so drawing conclusions about improvement is complicated, though some metrics indicate that the city is doing better relative to the rest of New York State. At the same time, though, charter schools are outperforming district schools, which continue to lag well behind Mayor de Blasio’s stated goals.

The Facts You Need to Know

  1. Compare: Even though New York City schools greatly out-perform schools in the state’s other four large cities, less than 50 percent of students in all state schools have tested as “proficient.” Read more.

  2. Charter: New York City’s charter school students score as “proficient” at much higher rates than their district school counterparts. Read more.

  3. Failed: Mayor de Blasio’s major educational initiatives—Community Schools and Renewal Schools—have failed to produce noticeably positive results. Read more.

“Among the district’s third-graders, 50.6% of third graders are at grade level in English — a far cry from Mayor de Blasio’s goal of having 100% at that level by 2026.”

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The Past is Present

New York Races to the Bottom By Charles Upton Sahm (January 22, 2010)

“Blame the teachers’ unions and corrupt pols for the state’s lost opportunity.”

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“Cuomo has made the renovation of New York’s two major airports a centerpiece of his infrastructure agenda, and of his effort to cast himself as a latter-day Robert Moses with better community engagement skills. “