Nixon and Cuomo

The Story

New York politics has been rocked by Cynthia Nixon’s candidacy for governor. Though she faces major institutional and fundraising obstacles and has no electoral or managerial experience, the former Sex and the City star’s close alliance with Mayor de Blasio and the Working Families Party means that she cannot be easily dismissed. Her candidacy has clearly rattled Governor Cuomo, and it should worry all New Yorkers, since she advocates hard-left policies that will hurt the state. 

The Facts You Need to Know

  1. AQE: Nixon is closely tied to a former spokesperson for the Alliance for Quality Education, which calls for higher taxes and a moratorium on charter schools. Read more.

  2. IDC: Nixon’s candidacy apparently spooked Cuomo into dissolving the state Senate’s Independent Democratic Conference, a group of moderate Democrats who ruled with the Republican majority. Read more.

  3. WFP: Nixon has been endorsed by “community” groups that conduct political activity and enjoy funding from the state and from public-employee unions. Read more.

“Cuomo’s leftward turn has damaged the state’s already dubious business climate, to say nothing of its overburdened taxpayers…”

Bob McManus, City Journal contributing editor

Twitter Take

The Past is Present

Cuomo’s Pivot By E. J. McMahon (Winter 2012)

“The governor’s tax hike will harm New York’s competitiveness.”

And in other news...

“Mayor de Blasio continued to defend his secrecy over emails with outside advisers Thursday, but said he hasn’t decided whether to appeal a court decision ordering him to hand over the information.”