No Pot This Year

The Story

Marijuana legalization in New York will probably not happen this year. Arguments about taxation and licensing have stymied the bill’s advancement in the state senateand the longer the wait, the better. Though advocates continue to push for legal weed, many troubling questions remain, and other states’ experiences with legalization are not encouraging.

The Facts You Need to Know

  1. Taxed: Revenue from marijuana sales in other jurisdictions has fallen short of expectations, as over-production has driven down prices. Read more.

  2. Jail: Claims that marijuana enforcement unfairly targets minorities are false, and almost no one in New York goes to jail for simple possession. Read more.

  3. Grrr: Abundance evidence links marijuana use with physical aggression. Read more.

“The link between marijuana and violence doesn’t appear limited to people with pre-existing psychosis.”

Alex Berenson

Twitter Take

The Past is Present

Drug Quandaries By Theodore Dalrymple (November 21, 2005)

“Dutch officials don’t know what to do about Holland’s drug culture.”

And in other news...

“Eight drivers have been accused of trying to take advantage of one of New York City’s scarcest resources: the parking spot.”