NYCHA Under Consent Decree

The Story

Following years of neglect that may rise to the level of criminality, the de Blasio administration signed a consent decree putting the New York City Housing Authority under the control of a federal monitor. The city is required to pay billions of dollars to repair elevators, make sure that the heat works, abate mold and remove lead paint. Mayor de Blasio touted the decree as a victory for NYCHA residents that he had orchestrated, but such spin cannot obscure the reality: under his leadership, the city has failed miserably to manage public housing for 400,000 New Yorkers. 

The Facts You Need to Know

  1. Potemkin: NYCHA staffers routinely shut off water in order to make it appear as if there were no leaks, and they used painted cardboard to cover up missing ceiling tiles. Read more.

  2. Cold: Last winter, three-quarters of NYCHA’s tenants went without heat and hot water at some point. Read more.

  3. History: Despite de Blasio’s claims, NYCHA was originally designed to operate free of continued federal funding. Read more.

“Today marks the beginning of the end of this nightmare for NYCHA residents.”

Geoffrey Berman, US Attorney, Southern District of New York

Twitter Take

The Past is Present

Killing The Best Hope For Public Housing By Nicole Gelinas, New York Post (October 22, 2013)

“It may be the last, best hope for public housing in the city, but it will need the support of the next mayor — and Bill de Blasio, up by 44 points in the latest poll over Joe Lhota, is against it. Too bad for New York’s 403,736 public-housing residents.”

And in other news...

“That includes $106 million earmarked for Johnson’s top priority, reduced-priced MetroCards for the poorest New Yorkers, which de Blasio had supported in theory but repeatedly said was too costly an endeavor to put on the taxpayers’ dime.”