NYCHA is Lost

The Story

News that the New York City Housing Authority falsified documents pertaining to lead inspection came as a shock last month. But lead is only part of the problem at NYCHA, where major questions persist about management of the nation’s largest public housing entity. With Mayor Bill de Blasio’s administration refusing to exercise political will to address these problems, New Yorkers understandably wonder where NYCHA is headed.

The Facts You Need to Know

  1. Empty: The Independent Budget Office says that one-third of NYCHA apartments are underoccupied, while the waitlist for units is longer than ever. Read more.

  2. Unabated: NYCHA certified as “lead-free” tens of thousands of apartments on which unqualified workers may have performed the abatement. Read more.

  3. Status Quo: A federal program called RAD brings private capital into the management and maintenance of public housing, and could ease the funding crunch at NYCHA, but NYCHA has been slow to apply. Read more.

“NYCHA should be more concerned with lead paint inspections and less with public relations.”

Council member Ritchie Torres, Chair of Committee on Public Housing

Twitter Take

The Past is Present

Project Phaseout By Howard Husock (December 2009)

“Selling New York’s vast public-housing stock would generate enormous revenues and help the poor.”

And in other news...

“Travelers flying through LaGuardia Airport this weekend might want to arrive extra early to prepare for mass confusion — as a number of airlines move to new terminals.”