NYCHA’s Lead-Paint Scandal

The Story

Corruption and scandal have dogged New York City’s public housing system for years. Earlier this year, questions arose about tenant safety; now the city’s Department of Investigation alleges that the New York City Housing Authority has lied about the agency’s compliance with city laws regarding lead-paint inspections. If the allegations are true, NYCHA head Shola Olatoye deserves to lose her job.

The Facts You Need to Know

  1. Lies: Olatoye appears knowingly to have filed a false certificate of compliance with lead paint laws with federal regulators at HUD. Read more.

  2. Danger: Despite admonishment, NYCHA continually failed to remove dangerous criminals from its units. Read more.

  3. Debt: Mismanagement and deferred maintenance have left NYCHA at least $13 billion over its immediate repair budget for the next few years. Read more.

“NYCHA needs to address this potential public health crisis without any further delay or equivocation. Public housing tenants deserve the same protections as anyone else.”

Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz, Jr.

Twitter Take

The Past is Present

Eviction Notice By Sol Stern (Summer 1996)

“NYCHA should balance judiciously both the rights of tenants and the community’s interest in safety.”

And in other news...

“Judges dismissed millions of dollars worth of erroneously written parking violations this year before anyone realized there was a problem and alerted the proper city agencies.”