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The contrast between Mayor de Blasio’s elevated rhetoric and the reality of his administration’s failings grows ever sharper. The mayor continues to focus on matters beyond his jurisdiction, while local problems fester. Speaking in reference to the MTA, Mayor de Blasio has said that he wants to attend to things over which he has control; apparently, the welfare of children in New York City isn’t glamorous enough to demand his scrutiny. 

The Facts You Need to Know

  1. Case Worker: A child-welfare worker who assaulted a child—and claimed self-defense—is a convicted murderer and should not have been dealing with children. Read more.

  2. Oversight: State Comptroller Thomas DiNapolo found that the city’s Administration of Children’s Services has given nonprofit agencies half a billion dollars to provide oversight of the foster-care system, but much of the required review and reporting was never done. Read more.

  3. Mexico: While children in New York City could benefit from an exercise of mayoral authority, de Blasio flew to the Mexican border to survey the migration problem, though he has zero jurisdiction over that crisis. Read more.

“I’m going to put my focus on the things I can control. I think that’s a smart use of time.”

Mayor Bill de Blasio

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The Past is Present

What Is a Mayor’s Job? By Myron Magnet (Special Issue 2013)

“The New York Post summed up Gotham’s angst in that era when it exhorted newly elected mayor David Dinkins in an exasperated 1990 headline: DAVE, DO SOMETHING!”

And in other news...

“The head of the city council’s investigations committee says Mayor de Blasio and NYCHA are already violating a federal consent decree by handing a political patronage hire the crucial task of ensuring NYCHA complies with all health and safety rules.”