The P-Word at NYCHA

The Story

As NYCHA’s problems deepen, even left-leaning housing advocates in New York City are whispering the P-word: privatization. Transitioning at least some NYCHA functions to private operators is becoming an obvious solution for the nation’s largest public housing system, with its multibillion-dollar costs. Government alone cannot cough up enough money to fix the housing authority; privatization is an idea whose time has come. 

The Facts You Need to Know

  1. RADical: Mayor de Blasio has finally agreed to sign up for RAD, a federal program that allows NYCHA projects to partner with private managers to fix up and operate the buildings. Read more.

  2. Focus: De Blasio and his housing czar, Alicia Glen, have been so focused on developing private real estate to reach their goal of 300,000 “affordable” units that they have ignored NYCHA’s urgent needs. Read more.

  3. Stress: Hundreds of thousands of people live off the books in NYCHA apartments, adding stress to garbage collection and general maintenance. Read more.

“NYCHA has 176,000 apartments in such desperate straits the city is on the hook to a federal monitor for billions of dollars in maintenance.”

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The Past is Present

Sell the Buildings, Too By Howard Husock The New York Sun (June 5, 2007)

“New York City Housing Authority ’s announcement that it would start to sell vacant land within the boundaries of its housing projects appears to signal the start of a new era in the city.”

And in other news...

“The van, which was paid for with a grant from the ASPCA, will be used for “large scale incidents” like dog- or cock-fighting rings where multiple people may be arrested and many animals would need to be processed, officials said.”