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The Story

It’s been a few years since Mayor de Blasio ran into trouble with his Campaign for One New York fund, whose donors got special treatment from city agencies. Now the mayor has announced the launch of a new political-action committee, Fairness PAC, that will cover the cost of his and his wife’s travels in promoting political candidates around the country. De Blasio promises that his latest fundraising effort will be above-board, but New Yorkers would be more impressed if he would forego national campaigning and focus on the city’s myriad problems. 

The Facts You Need to Know

  1. Agents: Mayor de Blasio raised millions of dollars from individuals who do business with the city and funneled it to political consultants. Read more.

  2. Campaigns: The mayor has made a habit of travelling the country to promote grand causes while ignoring problems on the home front. Read more.

  3. Fraud: The head of de Blasio’s new PAC was previously convicted of voter fraud. Read more.

“When it comes to the needs of New York City, de Blasio is just too busy chasing his own goals.”

New York Post editorial

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The Past is Present

Time For Preet to Clear His Plate By Bob McManus (August 8, 2016)

“The multiplying investigations of the de Blasio administration need resolution.”

And in other news...

“Fare-evaders with open summons warrants who are stopped by police for turnstile jumping won’t be arrested but will instead get a ride to court to deal with their case, New York Police Department officials said Wednesday.”