Pipeline Rescue?

The Story

President Trump has issued an executive order that could limit state governments’ ability to block pipeline projects through the Clean Water Act. The order could prove important in New York, where Consolidated Edison has stopped providing new natural gas hookups in Westchester County. Governor Cuomo’s determination to exclude New York from the shale-gas revolution may please his green supporters, but it’s hurting the state.

The Facts You Need to Know

  1. Halt: Last month, Con Ed halted new gas connections in Westchester County due to anticipated supply shortages. Read more.

  2. Gas: Before fracking was banned, New York drillers were producing about 150 million cubic feet of gas per day; today, the state’s production is so low that the Energy Information Administration has quit publishing numbers on it. Read more.

  3. Wood: As a fuel alternative, Cuomo has suggested that New Yorkers burn wood–one of the dirtier forms of energy, renewable or otherwise. Read more.

“We have supported expanding the gas pipeline [system]… over the years to make sure there was no hiatus in development.”

Kathryn Wylde, CEO of the Partnership for New York City

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On this Earth Day, Mark P. Mills and James B. Meigs join John Stossel to discuss the Green New Deal, the limits of wind and solar power, and the “magical thinking” of an all-renewable energy future.

The Past is Present

The Job Thieves of Albany By Clark Whelton (December 30, 2014)

“Citing unspecified concerns about health and the environment, Governor Andrew Cuomo announced this month that fracking (hydraulic fracturing) for natural gas is now banned in New York State.”

And in other news...

“Mr. Byford and Mr. Cuomo have disagreed over the plan to fix the L train, new technology to upgrade subway signals, the high cost of Mr. Byford’s “Fast Forward” overhaul plan and Mr. Cuomo’s regular criticism of the authority.”