Ideas for Albany

The Story

New York State is entering its prime budget and legislative season, and many programs and proposals will be competing for space on the calendar. The city and state face serious challenges, many of which demand timely action. To that end, the Beat identifies three key policy areas and offers solutions that should appeal to people across the political spectrum.

The Facts You Need to Know

  1. Traffic: Manhattan traffic is outrageous and unmanageable. The time for congestion pricing is now. Read more.

  2. Choice: Charter schools remain a highly effective way to expand parental choice and improve educational outcomes for children from disadvantaged backgrounds. Continued mayoral control of schools should be predicated on the expansion of the charter sector. Read more.

  3. Help: The scourges of mental illness and homelessness compound one another, and New Yorkers have been seeing the evidence with increasing regularity. Kendra’s Law, proven effective at keeping sick people safe, should be strengthened and made permanent. Read more.

“The outmigration of a million residents in recent years is alarming. And without a serious shift in priorities, it’s not going to stop.”

NYS Assemblyman Brian Kolb

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The Past is Present

Albany Passes the Check By Edwin Rubenstein (Summer 1991)

“Why do local governments raise taxes so high, spend so much, and yet cut essential services? The answer may be: Albany makes them do it.”

And in other news...

“Some have argued that instead of scrapping admissions tests for top high schools, more gifted classes should be added to nurture diverse talent.”