On the Bias

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Mayor de Blasio has made the eradication of “implicit bias” from the minds of municipal employees a major initiative of his administration. Training is underway to reduce the effects of unconscious prejudice among teachers and police. But despite lofty rhetoric and millions of dollars in consultant fees, it remains unclear what goodif anythese efforts will accomplish.

The Facts You Need to Know

  1. Science: The science behind testing for and countering implicit bias is weak. Read more.

  2. Teachers: Schools chief Richard Carranza claims that implicit bias is holding back minority students, but results show that educational gains can be achieved without assuming racial prejudice. Read more.

  3. Cops: Implicit-bias training for cops may contradict cautions about becoming “hypervigilant.” Read more.

“The implicit-bias crusade is agenda-driven social science.”

Heather Mac Donald, Manhattan Institute senior fellow

Twitter Take

The Past is Present

A Harlem Tragedy and Its Exploiters By Heather Mac Donald (June 2, 2009)

“The fatal shooting on Saturday of New York City police officer Omar Edwards by a fellow officer is an unbearable tragedy.”

And in other news...

“New York City’s measles outbreak is over, health officials said Tuesday, as a public-health emergency order was lifted.”