Sham Social-Service Providers

The Story

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New York City spends billions of dollars annually on social services, much of it funneled through nonprofit organizations dedicated to charitable causes. While most of these groups are committed to their missions and do an effective job of helping needy people, a growing subset are political groups posing as service providers. The phenomenon has escalated to the point that city taxpayers are often subsidizing organizations whose primary purpose is pushing a radical political agenda.

The Facts You Need to Know

  1. Traffic: Groups receiving millions in public dollars have staged numerous protests around the city, practicing civil disobedience and blocking traffic. Read more.

  2. Charity: Charities’ dependence on government aid has corrupted their mission and, in some prominent cases, led to their downfall. Read more.

  3. Activists: Some high-profile radical activists are ostensibly municipal workers, drawing salaries from city-funded social-service organizations. Read more.

“Some 3,000 local social-services groups were soon receiving government funding in New York City alone...the money helped turn traditional charities that had operated on private donations into government contractors.”

Steven Malanga, Manhattan Institute senior fellow

Twitter Take

The Past is Present

“He articulated a new version of New York’s traditionally one-sided social contract: if you ask taxpayers to support you, and you’re able-bodied, he said, you must give something back to the city. The rhetoric surrounding the council’s welfare reform repeal could not be more different.”

And in other news...

“How much children in New York City neighborhoods use the public-education system varies widely by their parents’ wealth, religious traditions, performance of local district schools and other factors, new data from the city Department of Education highlights.”