Bold New Plan?

The Story

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Mayor de Blasio has announced a new plan to help the “chronic” homeless get off the streets. He proposes to invest $100 million to build “safe haven” shelters that will induce people to come in from the cold. The mayor has announced grand plans to solve homelessness in the past, though, and New Yorkers should regard his latest idea with some skepticism.

The Facts You Need to Know

  1. Tide: De Blasio announced his “Turning the Tide” plan to address street homelessness in 2017. Read more.

  2. Services: A great number of the persistently homeless suffer from serious untreated mental illness; greater outreach will not overcome their resistance to services. Read more.

  3. Money: Spending on homeless services has more than doubled under Mayor de Blasio and now exceeds $3 billion–so another $100 million is unlikely to solve the problem. Read more.

“We believe this is literally the resources we need to end long-term street homelessness in this city.”

Mayor de Blasio

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The Past is Present

Letter From East Harlem By Nathan Glazer (Autumn, 1991)

“East 96th Street may be the most sharply defined border between poverty and affluence, urban misery and urban elegance, to be found anywhere in New York.”

And in other news...

“New York’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority board approved a $17 billion budget for 2020 over the objections of some of its members who questioned the authority’s recent decision to hire 500 police officers.”