Deformed Reform

The Story

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Starting in 2020, state criminal-justice reforms, including those relating to bail and discovery of evidence, will go into effect–in addition to local reforms that Mayor de Blasio has already introduced. The changes will have a wide-reaching impact on public safety, and district attorneys across New York and even state attorney general Letitia James, a noted progressive, have expressed concerns. Radical legislators and advocates dismiss these worries as fearmongering, but the dangers are real.

The Facts You Need to Know

  1. Scary: New rules on discovery will put witnesses of crimes in danger of exposure to malefactors. Read more.

  2. Free: Bail-reform laws will require judges to release many offenders–in some cases, even those accused of violent crimes–back into communities immediately. Read more.

  3. Guns: Jail-diversion programs have put one-third of all weapons-possession arrestees back on the streets in Brooklyn. Read more.

“Teenage robbers, violent assailants and burglars aren’t a low-risk population, and there will likely be a price tag attached to a policy of leniency when it comes to handling such cases.”

Rafael Mangual, Manhattan Institute fellow and deputy director of legal policy

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The Past is Present

Crime, Not Race By Heather Mac Donald (January 29, 2004)

“THE NYPD must do everything it can to minimize the chance of unjustified officer shootings.”

And in other news...

“New York City is struggling to find a leader for its taxi regulator almost one year after the last chief announced her departure.”