President de Blasio?

The Story

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Mayor de Blasio has announced that he’s running for president and that he will campaign as a fighter for working people. But his record as mayor is spotty, to say the least. While de Blasio sounds eager to go jetting off to Iowa and South Carolina, it’s not clear that many voters will find him a compelling candidate.

The Facts You Need to Know

  1. Ethics: De Blasio is credibly accused of running City Hall as a watering hole for donors and consultants. Read more.

  2. Unions: The mayor has crafted overly favorable contracts and deals for the public-sector unions that support him. Read more.

  3. Thrive: De Blasio’s signature mental-health initiative has wasted huge sums of money while ignoring the far more pressing problem of serious mental illness. Read more.

“It’s really hard to understand what lane de Blasio plans to ride to the nomination.”

David Birdsell, Baruch College

Twitter Take

Special Tribute

A Visionary of Public Order By Heather Mac Donald (May 16, 2019)

“Law-abiding residents of high-crime neighborhoods keep proving George Kelling right and most of his colleagues wrong. Kelling, 83, died yesterday of cancer at his home in New Hampshire. Kelling recognized this yearning for public order among the poor and in so doing created one of the most important contributions to urban policy in the last half century: the Broken Windows theory of policing.”

And in other news...

“Back seat passengers could soon be required to wear seat belts in New York under a bill that is advancing in the state legislature. The New York state Senate approved the bill Wednesday as part of a larger transportation safety package.”