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The Story

In his State of the State speech last week, Governor Cuomo made some extraordinary claims and extravagant promises about the health and future of New York. Most broadly, he claimed that “the promise of progressive government” brings a wealth of opportunity to New Yorkers. But the facts run counter to the governor’s rosy scenario.

The Facts You Need to Know

  1. Gini: Despite decades of progressive government, New York is the most unequal state in the nation. Read more.

  2. Decline: New York State has lost 1 million residents to other states since Cuomo took office. Read more.

  3. Subway: New York’s subway system needs extensive maintenance and updating, but Cuomo seems more interested in his proposed new subway line under New York Harbor, which would connect Red Hook (Brooklyn) and Manhattan. Read more.

”Whatever his reasons, Cuomo’s leftward tack is real. The governor who once touted tax restraint and economic reform has morphed into the architect of minimum-wage hikes, crippling new burdens for business, and union alliances.”

Bob McManus, contributing editor, City Journal

Twitter Take

The Past is Present

Cuomo's Pivot By E. J. McMahon (Winter 2012)

“The governor’s tax hike will harm New York’s competitiveness.”

And in other news...

“A water main break flooded a baggage claim area at JFK International Airport in New York on Sunday afternoon, compounding flight cancellations and other headaches caused by the cold wave.”