Prosecutors on the Defense

The Story

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Liberal prosecutors across the nation are promoting a not-too-tough-on-crime agenda, and New York City is part of the trend. Some local district attorneys have embraced radical positions, including refusing to prosecute marijuana use or fare-beating. Yet even these progressive prosecutors are concerned by recent reforms passed in Albany.

The Facts You Need to Know

  1. Crime: Brooklyn DA Eric Gonzalez claims that putting people in jail has no impact on crime rates, but evidence clearly shows otherwise. Read more.

  2. Law: Manhattan DA Cy Vance thinks that he can choose which offenses to prosecute—but his job is to enforce the law, not make it. Read more.

  3. Victim: Albany legislators have imposed new standards of evidence and discovery that will expose crime witnesses and make victims less likely to testify. Read more.

“How do we tell a burglary complainant that the defendant may have the right to come into her house with an investigator to take pictures?”

Acting Queens DA John Ryan

Twitter Take

The Past is Present

Defamed for Being Right By Jeffrey A. Kroessler (December 13, 2018)

“Despite the fact that police and prosecutors turned square corners, many are willing to embrace the narrative of police abuse, false confessions exacted under duress, and wrongful conviction in this case.”

And in other news...

“As New York grapples with the worst measles outbreak in a generation, an Orthodox Jewish organization hosted a symposium in Brooklyn.”