Pushed to the Tracks

The Story

This week, 19 years after Kendra Webdale was pushed in front of a moving train by a seriously mentally ill man who was out of compliance with his treatment, tragedy struck again. A senior citizen standing on the R platform at Jay Street was punched by a teenager with bipolar disorder, fell on the tracks and died of a heart attack. At this point it is unknown if the assailant was being treated or not, but one thing is clear: New York is failing the public by not aggressively dealing with the problem of untreated serious mental illness.

The Facts You Need to Know

  1. Danger: The untreated seriously mentally ill commit proportionally more violence than the general population. Read more.

  2. Closed: The state has closed most of its mental hospitals, leaving no place to treat the mentally ill most in need of long-term care. Read more.

  3. Allocation: The city continues to expend resources on mental wellness for the general population as a preventative measure, but serious mental illness is not preventable in the common sense of the term. Read more.

“If you are a harm to anyone, even yourself, you should be hospitalized.”

Andrew Goldstein, killer of Kendra Webdale

Twitter Take

The Past is Present

Time to Strengthen Kendra’s Law By DJ Jaffe (Spring 2011)

“A new bill would improve care for the mentally ill.”

And in other news...

“In his State of the State address on Wednesday, Governor Andrew Cuomo called for increased efforts to combat the rise of homelessness in the state.”