Charter Schools Prove Teachers Matter, Not Race

The Story


National School Choice Week is here, which is a good time to reflect on the fact that New York City, as Mayor de Blasio and his allies often complain, has the “most segregated school system in the country.” The state is now offering “integration training” grants to school districts, mostly in the city, to help them figure out how to achieve more racially proportionate student populations. Yet charter schools have demonstrated that entirely lower income, black and Latino student bodies can perform just as effectively as schools with an all-white or Asian student makeup. The question bears pondering: Is the problem really with the racial composition of students — or with the quality of their teachers?

The Facts You Need to Know

  1. Excellence: Graduates of Democracy Prep, a local charter network, attend college at much higher rates than their peers in traditional district schools. Read more.

  2. More with Less: Success Academy schools receive far less public funding than New York City’s “renewal schools,” and serve a similar student demographic, yet perform much better in math and English proficiency. Read more.

  3. Competition: When forced to compete with charter school networks, district schools often show improved performance. Read more.


"We take issue with the assumption that black and brown children can’t learn unless they attend school alongside white children."

Shavar Jeffries, Democrats for Education Reform

Twitter Take

The Past is Present

For Minorities, a Charter-School Boost By Marcus A. Winters (April 27, 2010)

“Here’s yet another possible reason to back charter schools: It seems that minority students who attend them get into the city’s top high schools at a far higher rate than other kids.”

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