Reform the Reforms

The Story

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The state’s newly adopted criminal-justice reforms have already resulted in numerous episodes in which dangerous criminals have been set free. Prosecutors didn’t even bother charging one man who had killed someone while driving drunk because new discovery laws require that they turn over all evidence to the defense within 15 days. New York’s new criminal-justice laws were sloppily written–and they should be amended in an emergency session.

The Facts You Need to Know

  1. Discover: The new rules on discovery of evidence will endanger witnesses and make them less likely to come forward. Read more.

  2. Safety: Unlike other jurisdictions that have enacted bail reform, New York State gives judges no discretion in remanding suspects in the interest of public safety. Read more.

  3. Crime: New York State’s criminal-justice reforms—intended to alleviate “mass incarceration”—will lead to more violent crime. Read more.

“I think there is real agreement that the bail reform law needs to be amended. I believe this strongly.”

Mayor de Blasio

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The Past is Present

Get Out of Jail Free By James B. Jacobs (Summer, 1991)

“New York’s procedural protections for criminal defendants far exceed those of other states or the federal government–without protecting real civil liberties. Here’s a guide to the laws that keep police from getting tough on crime”

And in other news...

“The NYPD will crack down on abuse of city-issued parking placards with beefed-up fines and violations starting on Monday.”