Riverboat Gamble

The Story

Mayor de Blasio’s introduction of ferry service has been a mixed bag. Some neighborhoods suffer from poor transit options and spotty service, but the ferry network, while convenient for some people, requires massive subsidies to operate. Getting some commuters onto boats reduces crowding on the subwaybut unless ferries become more widely used, the city should consider charging a higher price per ride, above the current $2.75, and reconsider its plans for expansion.

The Facts You Need to Know

  1. Cost: Subsidies for the planned Coney Island ferry route are now approaching the exorbitant levels of the former Rockaways ferry service. Read more.

  2. Look: NYC Ferry operates within the Economic Development Corporation, not the Department of Transportationmaking its financial structure less transparent. Read more.

  3. Ridership: More New Yorkers ride the subways and buses in one day than take the ferry all year, leading some to question whether ferry expansion is worth it. Read more.

“The city spends a lot of time focused on ferry service for thousands of people, but millions more are dependent on bus service and that’s where they should really focus their attention.”

Jaqi Cohen, Straphangers Campaign

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The Past is Present

“How the city could make it easier, and more pleasant, to get around.”

And in other news...

“The nation’s largest city is losing population for the first time in more than a decade, new federal estimates show.”