Safest Big City, for Now

The Story

The latest crime statistics show good news for New York City. Murders and shootings continue to go down: at the current pace, they show a nearly 25% drop from 2016. Clearly, the NYPD is doing a great job, but there is no guarantee that New York City will continue to escape rising homicide rates, which have become a nationwide trend.

The Facts You Need to Know

  1. Historic: Broken Windows policing and the data-driven Compstat system have driven down the incidence of major crime in New York City by more than 80% from its early 1990s peak. Read more.

  2. Harvest: Gentrification of formerly crime-ridden minority neighborhoods is an under-examined factor in the declining crime rate. Read more.

  3. Minor: Decriminalization of “minor” offenses like open urination, turnstile-jumping, or smoking marijuana may have the effect of undermining decades of progress in fostering public order across the city. Read more.

“Our experience suggests that, whatever the critics might say, the majority of New Yorkers, including minorities, approve of such police order-maintenance activities.”

George Kelling, Manhattan Institute senior fellow, and William Bratton, former NYPD Commissioner (City Journal, 2015 Winter Issue)

Twitter Take

The Past is Present

Why We Need Broken Windows Policing By George L. Kelling and William J. Bratton (Winter 2015)

“It has saved countless New York lives—most of them minority—cut the jail population, and reknit the social fabric.”

And in other news...

“Nicole Malliotakis, GOP mayoral hopeful, is a solid candidate — assertive, personable, authentic, empathetic and in command of the facts, as Tuesday’s debate proved.”