School Quality

The Story

A blue-ribbon panel to study school diversity in New York City has submitted its findings. Unsurprisingly, the committee’s report insists that demographic balance is key to school quality. But the de Blasio administration’s focus on racial diversity should not substitute for scholastic achievement.

The Facts You Need to Know

  1. Bias: The report asserts that “implicit bias” against racial minorities is rampant, but evidence for this theory is weak. Read more.

  2. Discipline: The report assumes that racial disparities in suspension rates reflect bias against black students. Read more.

  3. Standards: The report demands that traditional standards of school quality be subordinated to the principle of racial integration. Read more.

“Higher standards will produce unequal outcomes; no standards will teach students nothing worth knowing in a modern economy.”

Bob McManus, contributing editor City Journal

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The Past is Present

Integration Without Tears By Roger Starr (Autumn 1994)

“On the outer fringes of the New York metropolis, racial equality has become a reality.”

And in other news...

“A system of congestion pricing in Manhattan could be up and running in two years if New York state lawmakers approve it as part of this year’s budget, top officials of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority said Tuesday.”