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A longtime dream of New York’s progressive Left—universal, single-payer health care—could be coming soon to the Empire State. The promise that everyone will save money while still receiving great care certainly sounds good, but the proposed New York Health Act (NYHA) would have major negative repercussions—including potential hospital closures. State legislators should think carefully before rushing to implement such a radical new program.

The Facts You Need to Know

  1. Taxes: To pay for universal health care, New York State would have to increase taxes by more than 150%. Read more.

  2. Lose: At current Medicare reimbursement rates, state hospitals could lose 17% of their revenue under the NYHA, putting them at risk of closing. Read more.

  3. Stress: Large hospitals and hospitals located in cities would represent a disproportionate share of the lost revenue. Read more.

“Instead of disrupting coverage for the 19 million New Yorkers who already have it, why not focus on the 1 million who don't?”

Bill Hammond, Empire Center for Public Policy

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Chris Pope joins John Stossel to talk about the debate over single-payer health care—a system in which the federal government would assume all health-care costs currently borne by private insurers, employers, and individuals.

The Past is Present

False Accounting And Free Lunches Under A Single-Payer Health System By Dr. Benjamin Zycher, Investor's Business Daily (October 16, 2007)

“In the ongoing debate over U.S. health care reform, the universal coverage mantra has collided, inevitably, with the cost issue: How would a substantial expansion of health care coverage be financed?”

And in other news...

“In an attempt to stop students from vaping in bathrooms, the prestigious Bronx High School of Science will shut some of them down, starting Tuesday.”