Strangling Business

The Story

Amid a flurry of legislation passed by the city council at the end of 2017, a new law requires almost all employers in New York City to allow their workers to make last-minute schedule changes for personal reasons. This mandate will interrupt operations for many businesses, especially those in the building trades, which make workers available to do certain skilled tasks at specific times. City council progressives continue to burden private enterprise with the costs of implementing their social agenda, demonstrating again their ignorance of how businesses operate.

The Facts You Need to Know

  1. Paperwork: Onerous regulations like mandatory paid sick leave require small businesses to administer extensive record-keeping functions. Read more.

  2. Union: Under Mayor de Blasio’s progressive governance, New York has illegally sought to force businesses to unionize their workforces. Read more.

  3. Get Them: The de Blasio administration has also targeted supermarkets, nail salons and pet stores for special regulation. Read more.

“If people cannot get their first job, they cannot get their second job, or their third.”

Diana Furchtgott-Roth, senior fellow, Manhattan Institute

Twitter Take

The Past is Present

Small Businesses to NYC: Get Off Our Backs! By Steven Malanga (Autumn 2009)

“The city’s crushing burden on job-creating entrepreneurs is getting even heavier.”

And in other news...

“Despite being hit with a $14 million aid penalty by the federal government, New York has no immediate plans to take down hundreds of disputed “I Love New York” tourism signs from its interstate highways.”