Subway Sleeper

The Story

A picture of a homeless man sleeping underneath a row of seats on the subway caught the attention of Mayor de Blasio, who declared it “unacceptable” for people to have to sleep on trains. De Blasio concedes that he has been inattentive to street homelessness, but he should also acknowledge that his policies have degraded quality of life across the city.

The Facts You Need to Know

  1. Space: Under de Blasio, New York has effectively decriminalized the practice of taking up multiple subway seats. Read more.

  2. More: Street homelessness has soared 39% since de Blasio took office, according to the city’s own statistics. Read more.

  3. Satisfaction: A recent survey assessing 45 quality-of-life indicators ranked “services for homeless people” last in satisfaction. Read more.

“You do not help a homeless person by saying we’ll let you sleep on the train.”

Governor Andrew Cuomo

Twitter Take

The Past is Present

Sanity on the Homeless By Heather Mac Donald (Autumn 2003)

“An important court decision will let Gotham help the homeless stay off the streets.”

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And in other news...

“Gov. Cuomo Wednesday announced a study into why four parts of the state like Staten Island have significantly higher rates of cancer.”