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It’s all but certain that legislators will take up the issue of raising the charter school cap this year. When that happens, lawmakers shouldn’t put much stock in The New York Timess recent jab at one of New York City’s best-performing charter networks, Success Academy. The Times’s recent piece on how Success treats its students barely gives a nod to its commitment to fostering a well-rounded and creative educational experience. It also largely ignores the importance of test scores. The numbers show that Success Academy has become the standard for excellence in New York City public education.

the facts you need to know

  1. Top of the Class: If the Success Academy network was a single school, it would rank in the top 1% of the state’s 3,560 schools in math and the top 3% in English. Read more.

  2. Results Over Rhetoric: 29% of NYC kids were considered proficient in English and 35% in math on the state’s exams last year. For Success students, proficiency rates were 64% in English and 94% in math. Read more.

  3. Success for the Underprivileged: Success’s 32 schools educate overwhelmingly poor and minority students, yet their test scores rival those in affluent Westchester County districts such as Bronxville and Rye. Read more.

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The Past is Present

Charter schools have recently emerged as popular and effective alternatives to traditional public schools. Less than two decades since charter schools first came on the scene, the nation has 4,578 charter schools dispersed across forty-one states and the District of Columbia. These schools enroll 1.4 million students, and their rapid growth shows no sign of abating.

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May 11

May 11, 2015 |

The Alexander Hamilton Award was created by the Manhattan Institute to honor those individuals helping to foster the revitalization of our nation’s cities. This year, the winners are George Kelling, co-author of the Broken Windows Theory, and Eva Moskowitz, Founder and CEO of Success Academy Charter Schools. Click to purchase tickets.

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