The Story

Mayor de Blasio has been a loyal friend to the United Federation of Teachers. His latest gesture of largesse was to give every member of the union six weeks of paid parental leave, at full pay — a benefit apparently secured outside of customary contract negotiations or the usual standards of “pattern bargaining.” De Blasio and other city leaders presented the new benefit as a gain for the whole city, though only UFT members will get it, and questions remain about its costs. 

The Facts You Need to Know

  1. Better deal?: Other unions have opted into New York State’s employee-funded parental-leave program, but thanks to de Blasio, UFT teachers will now get an even better deal. Read more.

  2. Shut-out: The new paid-leave benefit will be funded by the city but administered directly by the UFT, meaning that non-union members will likely be excluded from receiving it. Read more.

  3. Who Pays: Over the long term, city taxpayers will almost certainly foot the bill for the cost of the new benefit. Read more.

“City officials unwittingly sharpened this uncomfortable point: the benefit doesn’t further the public interest, but is rather a sop to people with power.”

Nicole Gelinas, Manhattan Institute senior fellow

Twitter Take

The Past is Present

“The union blames poor schools on low teacher pay, which drives away qualified teachers. It’s a purely political myth.”

And in other news...

“With this new proposal in front of the City Council, the city would put a stop to issuing new licenses on for-hire vehicles only exempting vehicles that have wheelchair accessibility.”