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The Story

Against the advice of Mayor de Blasio and the MTA, Manhattan DA Cyrus Vance has announced that he will decline to prosecute subway turnstile-jumpers and fare-evaders. According to Vance, arresting fare-beaters unjustly penalizes racial minorities, who make up the majority of those caught in the act. At a time when the subways need all the revenue that they can get, and when Broken Windows policing continues to catch serious criminals breaking “minor” laws, letting theft of service go unpunished is a bad idea.

The Facts You Need to Know

  1. False: No evidence exists for the claim that prosecution of turnstile jumpers ensnares otherwise law-abiding citizens in the criminal-justice system. Read more.

  2. Guns: Police officers routinely find wanted criminals and people carrying illegal weapons jumping the subway turnstiles. Read more.

  3. Money: Farebox collection accounts for 40% of MTA revenue. Read more.

“There’s no way in hell anyone should be evading the fare.”

Mayor Bill de Blasio

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The Past is Present

City Journal Interview: Victory in the Subways By William J. Bratton (Summer 1992)

“I remember, when I first began riding around the system, how shocked I was when I got to one of the Brooklyn stations.”

And in other news...

“The New York City Fire Department commissioner said he wants more than 50% of firefighters to be minority and 15% to be women in 12 years—a sharp uptick from current levels.”