Thrive Rebooted

The Story

Chirlane McCray has called for a “reset” of ThriveNYC, her signature mental health program, which has received criticism lately. With a budget of nearly $1 billion, ThriveNYC has an ambitious mandate to serve all New Yorkers and to overcome the stigma that supposedly keeps people from seeking treatment. But for all its investment, ThriveNYC is making little difference for the seriously mentally ill — the people who need the most help.

The Facts You Need to Know

  1. Therapy: ThriveNYC addresses functioning people with treatable mental health problems, such as minor depression. Read more.

  2. Homeless: The growing population of single-adult homeless in New York City appears to be significantly composed of individuals with untreated serious mental illness. Read more.

  3. Help: Kendra’s Law, under which court-ordered treatment is mandated for the seriously mentally ill, is the most effective means to help people in danger of harming themselves or others. Read more.

“But even if hospital beds are created, some mentally ill are too sick to recognize their need for hospitalization.”

DJ Jaffe, Manhattan Institute adjunct fellow

The Past is Present

Reinventing Mental Health Care By E. Fuller Torrey (Autumn 1999)

“The outlines of a good new system are already emerging. Here’s how the feds can make it work.”

And in other news...

“Top New York lawmakers are pushing for an overhaul of the state’s controversial teacher evaluation system, which would eliminate the current law’s focus on rating teachers based on standardized tests.”