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Schools Chancellor Richard Carranza has made clear that he thinks New York City’s schools are racially segregated and in need of correction. Now a lawsuit from some DOE insiders alleges that Carranza’s ideology of racial grievance has pervaded the system, with a predominant focus on rooting out “white supremacy”—defined as “perfectionism, a belief in meritocracy, and the Protestant work ethic,” according to one executive who received the DOE training on rooting out institutional racism. Why are meritocracy and a work ethic being portrayed as values hostile to minorities?  

The Facts You Need to Know

  1. Apartheid: Calling the school system racially discriminatory against nonwhite kids makes little sense when city schools are only 15% white. Read more.

  2. Hoax: The “science” of implicit bias that underwrites Carranza’s theory of white toxicity is entirely unempirical. Read more.

  3. Merit: The chancellor wants to dismantle the meritocratic admissions test to the city’s specialized high schools on the basis of racial justice—but 50% of the seats go to nonwhite Asian students. Read more.

“You have to wonder if the chancellor thinks that the mayor, who after all is still another one of those straight white Anglo males, is himself too steeped in ‘white supremacy’ to run the city.”

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The Past is Present

Prisoners of Race By Jim Sleeper (Winter 1991)

“The politics of racial revenge undermine real black power.”

And in other news...

“Someone intentionally activated the emergency brakes on multiple New York subway trains on Tuesday, bringing them to a halt and disrupting ‘thousands of commutes,’ the authorities said.”