Transit Fix in the Mix

The Story

Everyone agrees that New York’s subways need to be fixed, but paying for it remains a dilemma. Governor Cuomo and Mayor de Blasio, always in contention, have radically different visions about how to raise the money; neither vision would serve New York City particularly well. Solutions to the city’s chronic subway woes must not be held hostage to the Cuomo-de Blasio political feud. 

The Facts You Need to Know

  1. Capture: Governor Cuomo’s plan to “capture” existing flows of property taxes, based on the putative added value of transit improvements, would amount to an undemocratic money grab on the part of the state from city taxpayers. Read more.

  2. Tax the Rich: Mayor de Blasio’s “millionaire’s tax” solution to the transit crisis has been his answer to every new spending proposal. Read more.

  3. Quid Pro Quo: Allowing developers to build more units in areas near mass transit, in exchange for extra fees or taxes earmarked for transit improvement, would be an effective way to fund the MTA and encourage growth. Read more.

“It is [the] unprecedented taking of the city tax base ... without the local government participating in the decision.”

Dean Fuleihan, NYC first deputy mayor

Twitter Take

The Past is Present

Getting Around New York By E. S. Savas (Summer 1993)

“Because it is situated mostly on a small, densely populated group of islands, the city has a transportation network characterized by choke points and congestion.”

And in other news...

“Ariel Palitz, the city’s first-ever nightlife mayor, took the stage in Bushwick Monday for an open mic night, of sorts — and the crowd of more than 100 club owners, artists and community members had a lot to say.”