Unsafe Streets

The Story

Another cyclist was killed by a car last weekend, making 19 such fatalities this year. That’s almost double last year’s total of 10, and indicates that the city’s streets are increasingly out of control. Mayor de Blasio has announced a new plan to add more bike lanes in an expedited manner, but the real problem may be his lack of attention to street congestion and transportation safety.

The Facts You Need to Know

  1. Congestion: Mayor de Blasio ceded authority over congestion pricing—and control of the city’s streets—to Governor Cuomo. Read more.

  2. Placards: A culture of leniency for parking and speeding scofflaws among the city’s public-sector workers—uniformed employees, in particular—has gone unaddressed, despite loud protests. Read more.

  3. Death: Traffic deaths have increased this year for the first time since the implementation of de Blasio’s “Vision Zero” in 2014. Read more.

“The MTA—not local elected officials—is now in charge of deciding what the city’s traffic goals are.”

Nicole Gelinas, Manhattan Institute senior fellow

Twitter Take

The Past is Present

“In New York City, this week’s political outrage will give way to next week’s. Alternate-side parking is scheduled to go on for the rest of my life.”

And in other news...

“The New York City branch of the Democratic Socialists of America presented its members with a strategy last year to gain entry into some of the city’s most powerful labor organizations and ensure they are adhering to the ‘militant’ principles that the group felt had been diluted over time.”