Tunneled Under

The Story

The 100 year-old cross-Hudson rail tunnels that link Manhattan to New Jersey are in desperate need of repair. In 2010, New Jersey governor Chris Christie cancelled construction of a replacement, citing fears of cost overruns and a lack of state funds. But without a new tunnel, the entire Northeast will suffer.

The Facts You Need to Know

  1. Tunneling Out: One of the current tunnels will likely have to be shut for good in the next 20 years. Read more.

  2. Sapped: More than 600,000 people commute daily from New Jersey into Manhattan by train or bus via cross-Hudson tunnels.  Read more.

  3. Tunnel Vision: Massive construction projects can take decades to complete, so a creative—and equitable—way to finance a new tunnel must be found soon. Read more.

"[The tunnel is] perhaps one of the—if not the—most important projects in the country right now that’s not happening."

Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx

Twitter Take

The Past is Present

Reinventing the Port Authority By Dick Netzer (Summer 1996)

“[T]he Port Authority could finally return to the one job it has done well from the outset: managing the lucrative interstate bridges and tunnels. This is no small task, as the city has learned to its sorrow with the decaying crossings on the East River. Bridges and tunnels need almost constant rebuilding—but at least this the Port Authority certainly knows how to do.”

And in other news...

“Mirroring a national trend toward an acceptance of marijuana, the New York State Department of Health announced the names of five organizations on Friday that will be allowed to sell the drug for medical use in the state.”