Who Certifies Teachers?

The Story

The SUNY Charter Schools Institute has voted to allow New York City charter schools with a record of demonstrated academic success to certify their own teachers. This move will give charters added flexibility in hiring and spare teachers from undergoing duplicative training. As long as charter schools continue to outperform district schools, traditional public schools should not have a monopoly on teacher certification.

The Facts You Need to Know

  1. High scores: Many charter schools in New York City significantly outperform district schools on state tests. Read more.

  2. Degrees: No demonstrated relationship has been shown between teacher credentials and student performance. Read more.

  3. Power: Politically powerful teachers’ unions oppose charter autonomy because it threatens their control over education dollars. Read more.

“I do think there’s a tale of two cities, educationally. I do think there is a level of injustice in the city, around the state of New York, around the country. I just think my solution to that problem, educationally, is a lot different.”

Eva Moskowitz, CEO Success Academy

Twitter Take

The Past is Present

Happy Birthday, Charter Schools By Thomas W. Carroll (December 2008)

“Over the past decade, charter schools—public schools that may operate independently of local school districts—have gone from a quaint think-tank idea to a mass movement with broad parental support and bipartisan backing.”

And in other news...

“All across the country, there are schools which are diamonds in the rough. They teach students from low-income families—but perform well.”