Worker Safety?

The Story

Under a new law enacted by the city council, workers on New York City construction projects taller than three stories will undergo safety training. Supporters tout the law as ensuring safer working conditions–but the measure, designed by the building trade unions, will make it harder for non-unionized firms to bid for work.

The Facts You Need to Know

  1. Classes: Only a handful of city-approved firms provide the mandated safety training, while more than 100,000 workers will have to get certified. Read more.

  2. Tuition: Non-union workers will largely be required to pay for the training out of pocket. Read more.

  3. Costs: Forcing contractors to hire unionized workers can add 20% to the cost of construction. Read more.

“Union officials are quick to argue that 90% of construction-related fatalities were on non-union projects – but they ignore the fact that nearly 98% of the private sector construction work done in New York City is non-union or open shop, according to the permits issued by DOB.”

John Banks, President of Real Estate Board of New York

Twitter Take

The Past is Present

“There are reasons to investigate the causes of the local construction industry’s out-of-scale cost structure.”

And in other news...

Before Philip D. Murphy was a governor, he was a Goldman Sachs executive. And before that, he was raised in a home that revered the Kennedys.